Ndagi's Organic Neem & Blackseed Soap

Ndagi's Organic Neem & Blackseed Soap


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Ndagi’s Organic Neem Black Seed Soap

Ingredients: Palm kernel oil,coconut oil, neem oil, black seed oil and herbal extract.

Ndagi’s Organic Neem and Black Seed Soap is an organic based soap with herbal actives that gently cleanses your skin. The soap lathers luxuriously as a quality soap should. It contains neem oil and black seed oil which has been used for centuries medicinally.

  • deep cleanse pores.
  • moisturizes and soften the skin.
  • repairs damaged and dry skin.
  • prevents breakouts and lessens active ones.
  • reduces acne scarring.
  • brightens dark circles.
  • brings out natural glow.
  • clears and treats blemishes.
  • treats oily skin and /or acne prone skin.
  • cleanses and purifies skin.
  • treats eczema, pimples, rashes, shaving bumps.
  • treats athlete’s foot.
  • brightens dark arm pits, between the thighs and knuckles.
  • detoxifies the skin giving you a radiant skin.

Disclaimer: All these claims were from customer feed backs. They haven’t been verified by any expert medical body.